Hello, and welcome to Lunatic Labs.  This is a site I’m putting up to write up my thoughts on the mobile and video game industry.  I may veer off topic from time to time, but my posts will tend to be around things I’ve been thinking about, and so will often lean towards the game industry.   I think a lot about different trends in the industry, and when NDAs permit may take about some of the problems I’ve been working to solve, and sometimes just a shout-out to particular tools or projects I find useful.  Just to give you a little background on me, I’ve been in games for 20 years this year, both on the side of publishing as well as development.  I tend towards smaller companies, but there are certainly advantages to the resources larger companies can deploy towards development, so not exclusively so.  Most of my work has been in the console space, but I moved over to mobile development about 2-3 years ago.  I’ve been dabbling in mobile for quite a while, doing early work for JAMDAT and MachineWorks, both a bit early (2000 and 2004), but I finally feel like the market is starting to mature and so I’ve made the switch.  I love console games, both playing and developing games for them, but my focus is primarily on mobile at the moment.